ukulele Roland Garros

mai 30th, 2013
Caperino : I prefer tennis women…
Peperone : i love the way they play music


Liberté Fraternité Egalipettes

avr 4th, 2013
Caperino : sommes nous égaux ?
Peperone : la vrai question est « en quoi » sommes nous égaux
Peperone : j’ai beaucoup aimé cette histoire d’égalité d’espérance.
Caperino : je ne savais pas que peu de temps après avoir instauré le tutoyement obligatoire, les citoyens français en ont eu marre et ont laissé tombé.
Peperone : pendant ce temps là les nouveaux américain libres décidaient d’égaliser par le haut, tout le monde s’appellait Sir et Lady. C’est cool ! C’est vrai après tout pourquoi égaliser par le bas ?
Caperino : on appelle ça niveler.
Peperone : normaliser ?
Caperino : la Norme, pouah, c’est triste quand tout est normé. J’aime bien que tu sois plus gros que moi !
Peperone : plus GRAND s’il te plaît.
Caperino : ok.


adieu winter, bonjour spring !

jan 28th, 2013


from Adieu, Paris.

Skap & Pep tribute to the great Andrée Putman

jan 21st, 2013
Caperino : i feel so close to Andrée Putman works, we obviously share the same  references.
Peperone : if you love Josef Hoffman , if you love Ska, you’ll be crazy for Andrée  !


Stop killing Zombies ?!

jan 19th, 2013


Caperino: << Our world will soon face a huuuge moral change… Isaac Marion book « warm bodies » will completely spoil our relationship with Zombies. We will have to stop killing them with orgiac joy, because now and for ever we will have this doubt : maybe some of them are cool guys…

Peperone: << Yes, it reminds me of  when E.T. The good Alien arrived on Earth, from that moment it became immoral to make shoot-them-up parties on Aliens without double checking if the Aliens were bad ones or good ones.  Fun was gone…

Caperino: << Right ! Zombies were the only creatures in this world we had free permission to kill and kill and kill… So if we can’t… who’ll be our next release ?

Peperone: << Fleas ?

smoke : exhibition

nov 29th, 2012


Cap & Pep found out a high grade cultural device

oct 26th, 2012

Peperone: Hi Caperino, this new device will help us gain a bit of general culture in a captivating and stylish way.

Caperino: what is it ??? A book ???

Peperone: not only a beautifully designed book by our masters Kuntzel+Deygas, but  a useful DVD if you want to really connect with the most beautiful texts of the French culture.

Caperino: What what what ????

Peperone: You know Jean de La Fontaine, the witty french poet who wrote animal stories acting like human ?

Caperino: animal pretending to be human, that’s us !!!!

Peperone: so in this DVD you have this marvellous french actor Luchini reading the texts, with his special  touch, and that’s make all the difference. Oh, there are in addition few texts from Charles de Baudelaire as well, for the chic darkness side of french culture

Caperino: that sounds yummy for my brain. Many thanks Peperone.


exposition WAO 3 days in Paris : : ouah ouah !!!!

mar 5th, 2012

Caperino : hey you ! come to say hello, we are now at the exhibition Future Tradition WAO, with our collection of japanese lanterns

Peperone : This shows the hybrid collaboration between French art and Japanese traditional craftsmanship!

Caperino : it is at Les Arts Decoratifs, hall des Marechaux, 103 rue de Rivoli, Paris.monday 5 til 1830, thursday 6 til 18/00,

Peperone : thanks to dear Yoshiko Ikoma and the Cool Japan organization, clic here for infos


qu’est-ce qui est noir qui bouge et qui sent bon ?

fév 27th, 2012

Caperino : pas moi (je ne sens rien)

Peperone : ni moi (en ce moment je ne bouge pas)

La petite robe noire : alors ça doit être moi ! Je sens très très bon je suis signée Guerlain !


Exposition La petite robe noire Kuntzel+Deygas, maison Guerlain 68 avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris. Du 5 au 29 mars 2012.

show on stage : Grateful Vanity and Roedelius

fév 4th, 2012

Caperino : Hey , an exceptionnal Roedelius show the 10 of february in the philarmonic theater at Enghien Les Bain (lake side), introduced by the famous performance by Kuntzel+Deygas “Grateful Vanity”. Will you come Peperone ? infos THERE

Peperone : saperlipopette, i missed Roedelius when he was playing at  club Silencio in Paris last year, i was like oh my dog the mystery guest with Roedelius was Jean-Benoît Dunkel from Air and I WAS NOT THERE. Shame on me. Who is the mystery guest at Enghien ?

Caperino : i’ve been told it is a person from a french band, but not 100% french. Can’t say more or Sara-Jane will kill me.

Peperone : Oh Sara-Jane Richardson at VoyezMonProducteur is behind the project ? She absolutely loves me and i will ask her an invitation.

Caperino : in your dreams ! stop beiing this lazy -bored VIP that come for free at any event, you should involve yourself much more as a true lover of Roedelius, pay your own ticket, generously invite your friends to this RARE and historical moment, and take the RER from Gare Du Nord to PURE HEAVEN .

All infos THERE.

Peperone : ok ok ok . but i will take the limo if you don’t mind, not the RER. And by the way what is this Grateful Vanity thing ?

Caperino : i have a meeting with Kuntzel+Deygas in few days for an ITW, i will ask them to unveil for me the full story.

Peperone : can’t wait friday the 10th.


happy new bzzz for 2012

déc 29th, 2011

Caperino : Happy new BiZZZZZ Peperone !

Peperone : happy new BuZZZZZ Caperino !



nov 22nd, 2011
Caperino : online ?
Peperone : and soon on my desk !


who’s that guy ?

nov 16th, 2011

miChaCeramicsclick me !

Bones in La Boite, NYC.

oct 6th, 2011

Caperino : how do you say « Pas Pour les Chiens » in New York City slang ?

Peperone : « Poilâne spicy cookies »

Caperino : coool, the Red Ant flavor is my fav taste.

Peperone : don’t even think about it, it’s NOT FOR DOGS !

Caperino : But…

Peperone : no way, leave it to the brave New Yorkers with a brave stomach.

Caperino (sweating) : that  strong ??!!!!

Peperone : joking, they are SWEET. Go at La Boite NY and taste if you dare. The adress is 724 11th Avenue NYC 10019 212.247.4407
Store Hours: Wednesday to Friday, 3 pm – 7 pm

1CapPep_Poilane_NY 1262CapPep_Poilane_NY 1163CapPep_Poilane_NY 1234CapPep_Poilane_NY 1215CapPep_Poilane_NY 1226CapPep_Poilane_NY 1178CapPep_Poilane_NY 1187CapPep_Poilane_NY 1209CapPep_Poilane_NY 11910CapPep_Poilane_NY 12811CapPep_Poilane_NY 127

Nonoss Sonores

oct 5th, 2011

Caperino : dans les caves, il y a des nonosses !

Peperone : dans le champagne, il y a des bulles « pop »

Caperino : granité, gravité, vanité, si on allait gravement s’enivrer dans les caves enrhumées ?

Peperone : n’oublie pas ton pashmina et des semelles de crêpe.

16GratefulVanity_Pommery-125_CP12GratefulVanity_Pommery 121_CP17GratefulVanity_Pommery-126_CP20GratefulVanity_Pommery-119_CP

for the full story clic HERE

We Love Japan by Minimix au Arts décoratifs

sept 20th, 2011

Caperino : parmi les 100 masques vendus aux enchères, il y a le notre. Il s’appelle « Cap&Pep under the rain again » car nous souhaitons un jour – le plus vite possible – pouvoir danser à nouveau sous la pluie du japon sans risque d’être irradiés

Peperone : donc venez vous battre furieusement pour acheter le plus cher possible ces masques customisés. Ca peux aider à danser sous la pluie.

Le 20 expo et le 21 mise en vente aux enchères par Maître Cornette de Saint Cyr au 103 rue de Rivoli, Paris.


d’autres masques ici CLIC

4786,72 euro

août 19th, 2011

Caperino : how much is  4786,72 euro in japan yen ?

Peperone : approximatively 526536.5760 JPY . what is it about ?

Caperino : it is the money that has been raised by selling 43 original drawings by our masters Kuntzel+Deygas, during the Flowa Powa exhibition at Mitsukoshi dept store, in march 2011. 100% of the raised money has been transfered to the Japan Red Cross, to help the recovering after the disaster.

Kuntzel + Deygas : many thanks to all of you that have purchased our drawings. Without you we couldn’t make it.  We are happy that the moments of pleasure we had while creating these drawings, are now transformed into something real to help for  the everyday life. In addition, we wish these drawings will bring joy and hope  in your home.



juin 5th, 2011


ask « Pas Pour les Chiens » cookies at Poilâne :

Boulangerie Poilâne

8 rue du Cherche-Midi,
Paris 6ème
Tel +33 (0) 1 45 48 42 59

Horaires d’ouverture :
Du lundi au samedi de 7h15 à 20h15

pas pour les chiens ?

mai 15th, 2011
Caperino : ces nouveaux biscuits Poilâne   »Pas pour les chiens » ne sont pas pour les chiens, mais comme nous ne sommes pas vraiment des chiens, nous pouvons passer outre cette interdiction.
Peperone : si vous les mangez vous comprendrez pourquoi ils ne sont pas pour les chiens.
Caperino : la rumeur dit c’est nous qui les avons fait mais ne croyez pas tout ce qu’on dit. C’est une vraie recette Poilâne.
Peperone : Apollonia Poilâne va nous apprendre une recette, chez colette, pendant la prochaine Cooklette mercredi 18 mai. On pourra gooooûter ces nouveaux biscuits …
Caperino : le défi, c’est de s’inscrire vite, les places sont peu nombreuses, écrire à

drawings for Japan

avr 20th, 2011

Caperino : this serie of « one of a kind » drawings by Kuntzel+Deygas are now available at Mitsukoshi Ginza store. Benefits of sales will go to the Japan Red Cross. Size : approximative A4 format. Ink on paper. Signed. there is a Pink serie, a green serie, a Blue serie and a Black serie.

Peperone : hurry up, i heard it was open today and quite sold out… only 8 of them are already framed. See below, soory for the very small size !



infos about Flowa Powa exhibition here.

flowa powa, mitsukoshi ginza & nagoya

avr 18th, 2011

we’ll be in Ginza Mitsukoshi from april 20th to may 5th, and in Nagoya at Mitsukoshi from april 27th to may 5th

more infos in our flowa powa facebook page


help japan

mar 16th, 2011

Collecte des dons
L’AARJF collecte des dons destinés aux victimes du séisme du 11 mars 2011 au Japon.
Ces dons seront remis à un organisme humanitaire pour porter secours aux victimes.
Tel : 0147233358
Chèque : préciser à l’ordre de “AARJF” et envoyer à l’adresse : AARJF, 19 rue de
Chaillot, 75116 Paris
Espèces : dépôt de dons à l’AARJF, 19 rue de Chaillot, 75116 Paris


i wish i could be a superheroe

mar 13th, 2011

Caperino : I wish… i could be a superheroe

Peperone : me too


do you want to f……k with us ?

mar 2nd, 2011

Capture d’écran 2011-03-02 à 19.00.10Capture d’écran 2011-03-02 à 19.00.31

House Of MiCha

jan 16th, 2011
Caperino : Palais Royal… in situ galerie Joyce
Peperone : … ou maisonette ? making of  Kuntzel+Deygas  + Le Petit Atelier de Paris


see you in Danmark at STORM !

déc 4th, 2010

2011 PapARazzIS calendar

déc 2nd, 2010
caperino : available now,  online … click !
Peperone : yellow fluo  and silver print, french english text, heavy cardboard pages, desktop size, artist edition, 15 euro.


the cat is here

nov 11th, 2010

MiCha at colette, 213 rue Saint Honoré


more details on facebook house of MiCha

jumbo kimono de Shinsuké

nov 11th, 2010

Caperino  : Bravo Shinsuké !!! You’re the best in show !!!!

Peperone : you were the highlight of this Suntory  mixnaouaq pince-fesses at palais de Tokyo. Jumbo Kimono by Shinsuke Kawahara.


Cutlog art fair —> oct. 24

oct 21st, 2010
Caperino : cold in Paris today .
Peperone : let’s warm up our bones at Cutlog, under the sunny MiCha lamps light.



oct 7th, 2010
Caperino : Mind !
Peperone : Mind what ?
Caperino : Mind 6 !

MiCha lampe de compagnie by Kuntzel+Deygas

sept 19th, 2010

Caperino : House of MiCha is open ! Get connected…

Peperone : … and pick your fav MiCha petlamp before there’s no more !


Kuntzel+Deygas’s are known for their witty two dog characters Caperino & Peperone, special guests of various collaborations with luxury brands all around the world. These highly creative French artists are now also breeding cats in their Parisian design factory and are suprising us one more time with MiCha, their latest creative adventure.

MiCha Baby assis patapouf, MiCha assis, MiCha en marche, MiCha dos rond are their first 4 lamp designs which show their unique vision of high-end lighting. Kuntzel+Deygas have pushed again the limits in their narrative design univers.


août 23rd, 2010


less COPY and more CATS on

chasing MiCha

juil 16th, 2010

Caperino : i’ve been told the MICHA CAT LAMPS  are spending summer  in french artisan ateliers ?

Peperone : Oh Dear ! look at the BABY MICHA : he is left alone… where are the 3 MICHA grown up  ?

Cool dog at the the painter atelier :  hey, why don’t you look at their facebook page ? or at their official website ?




avr 30th, 2010

Caperino & Peperone on a FAMILIAR tote bag, exclusive to Barneys New York KOBE store.


Caperino : this tote bag is hand made by japanese grandmothers. It was hard for their old eyes to sew our black shapes…
Peperone : thanks so much Grand’Ma !!!!  i heard Familiar tote bags are favorite tote bags of the imperial family children ?
Caperino : ooh dear,  i feel so Imperial !

Mais où est passé Joe, ou comment jouer à cache-chat chez Azzaro couture

mar 6th, 2010
Caperino : Joe will be there ?
Peperone : Yes he will. Vanessa told us he was part of the collection again.


Caperino : but, where is our cat friend Mr Joe ????
Peperone : he WAS there , he left his FOOTPRINT on the dresses : LOOK HERE

bye bye palais royal

fév 25th, 2010
Caperino : dear Joyce, we’re leaving now, it’s been so great being at  Palais Royal for one full month. I loved the Vin Chaud Foie Gras « finissage », and all the Feng-Shui tricks Marie-Chantal teached us.

Peperone : Yes that was amazing. We had good chinese tea, an unforgetable private diner for 8 super vip, we made new friends, we watched the arrival of the Euro trucks at the Banque De France next door (yes yes there are still plenty of Euro!!!), we had great shopping in the area . So, we’re ready to come back anytime ! Kisses.


browsing at Exodisc

fév 20th, 2010
Caperino : Beak.
Peperone : John Barry Revisited + Ennio Morricone « Gli Intoccabile ».
Caperino Larry was talking of a new Cluster & Eno soon ?

almost tropical in Paris today

fév 19th, 2010


Lin Beeser x Cap & Pep = a super chic shawl

fév 7th, 2010
Caperino : really ? More than 50 hours of handwork for this shawl by Lin Beeser ?
Peperone : that’s true. 10 samples are available at the Joyce Gallery in Paris, Palais Royal. For a total of 500 hours.

do you speak danish ?

jan 28th, 2010
Caperino : Taler du dansk Peperone?
Peperone : Jeg ville ønske jeg kunne! Så jeg kunne læse Euroman blog af min ven Rasmus, i København!

red vanities

jan 27th, 2010

freshly arrived at the Jumelages/Twinnings exhibition at Palais Royal.


air a.s , r.a.s ?

jan 16th, 2010
Caperino : que veux dire  AIR A.S. ?
Peperone : R.A.S !  C’est peut-être le nom de leur prochain album…


snowy 75

jan 13th, 2010
Caperino : this secret code is weird : i understand 75 is for Paris but… why a 9 ?
Peperone : for bye bye 2009 ?
Caperino : I’m not convinced this message is clear enough to celebrate 2010…
Peperone : but you have no better idea, right ?


2010 : eye resolutions

déc 10th, 2009
Caperino : in 2010, i will stop staying profile.
Peperone : you mean, you will show your 2 eyes in the same time ?  weird !!!


Hello from Cap&Pep

nov 11th, 2009
Caperino : we’re preparing our new blog…
Peperone : …but still keep the one at colette

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